All of us know that shiitake mushrooms taste delicious. Whether you get ‘em sauteed, stir-fried, baked, or roasted, this superfood does wonders for your immune system while keeping your tastebuds happy. It is a powerhouse of nutrients that we just can’t get enough of!

But there’s so much more to these fantastic fungi. We are now seeing the resurgence of this interesting ingredient across the beauty and wellness industry that has the potential to take these sectors by storm - one being the use of mushroom-based skincare products to rejuvenate, brighten, and keep your skin blemish-free. 

This may seem surprising, but mushrooms have been valued as a skincare marvel for thousands of years in China, Japan, and Korea. As of late, they have made waves in the West for their apparent vitality-restoring properties. Since topical applications may also stall the skin issues that accompany aging, mushroom-based skincare products are fast becoming a much-loved part of the everyday beauty regimen.

Here are some reasons why shiitake mushrooms are the best antidotes against the subtle signs of aging.

Shiitake Mushrooms & Anti-Aging

  1. Brightening and Enhanced Skin Radiance

    Shiitake mushrooms are not just your kitchen shroom staples. With regular use of shiitake mushroom-infused products, you end up with skin that’s soft, supple, and naturally radiant. Filled with the goodness of kojic acid, it can be your secret weapon against dark spots, hyperpigmentation, scars, and dull skin.

  2. Calms Inflammation

    With a rich supply of phytonutrients, shiitakes can help to calm and diminish inflammation at the source. Phytonutrients like selenium and vitamin D can strengthen your skin barrier and protect against environmental stressors while complex B vitamins can help soothe inflammation and reduce the effects of irritants at the source.

  3. Boosts Hydration

    Keeping adequate skin hydration is not only about supplying your skin with the moisture it needs but also being able to lock it in for the day. Mushrooms can be a great source of hydration because they contain plenty of ceramides. Ceramides are compounds that act as building blocks to your skin barrier. Keeping a strong and healthy skin barrier is essential as it traps moisture inside the skin for continued hydration. It also protects the outer layer from damage, irritants, or evaporation that could leave your skin red, dry, and inflamed.

  4. Antioxidant Powerhouse

    Shiitake mushrooms are packed with antioxidant power and benefits, especially coming from the antioxidant L-ergothioneine. This antioxidant diminishes the effects of free radicals in the skin, which can help to control skin damage and keep dullness in check. It can also help prevent cellular breakdown. It does this by encouraging a faster cellular renewal process, resulting in a boost in collagen and elastin production. This is particularly important as your body’s cellular regeneration capabilities slow down with aging, thus leaving your skin susceptible to sagging and discoloration.

What we love about mushrooms is that they provide a myriad of multi-correctional and skin health benefits. This feature makes them a perfect match and an essential piece to our bioactive skincare line. From boosting skin elasticity and firmness to tackling inflammation and free radical activity to keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay, these mushrooms deliver the benefits you need without having to resort to harsh chemicals.

If flawless skin is what you are looking for, check out our mushroom-based Super Bioactive Face Serum. Not only does it provide the benefits of Shiitake, but it also contains Chaga, Tremella, and Reishi mushrooms. Combined with 27+ other bioactive ingredients, these mushrooms have undergone our proprietary PhytofermentationTM process to extract optimum amounts of nutrients for your skin and promote deeper absorption and multi-correctional benefits. 

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