What is Phytofermentation?

The definition of Phyto is "of a plant" ; relating to plants, and the definition of Fermentation is "the chemical breakdown of a substance by microorganisms". We select various botanicals that have skin health benefits and take them through our 21-day non-alcoholic fermentation process to release bioactive molecules. The bioactive small molecules or metabolites are released into the ferment, extracted, and incorporated into our products.

What is the benefit of bioactive small molecules?

Bioactive small molecules are compounds that support the production of various proteins. These unique ingredients penetrate deep into the skin where renewal processes take place and stimulate vital cellular processes in the skin like collagen and elastin production, cellular repair, and cellular regeneration. There is a growing number of scientific studies demonstrating the beneficial effects of ferments.

Are there microorganisms, alcohol, yeast, or a fermented smell in any of the products?

No. Alcohol is formed through a yeast fermentation process. This process is how you make beer or wine and is not the same as the lactic acid fermentation process that we use in our Phytofermentation process. The microorganisms used in this process are filtered out and left behind after our Phytofermentation process is completed and the infusion process begins. Through our infusion process, we capture the bioactive metabolites that form from the fermentation process and infuse them into our plant-based formula. This leaves you with skin-benefiting bioactives, 50+ phytonutrients from additional plant oils and extracts, and a lovely botanical aroma.

What are the different ethical values of each product?

There is no outsourcing, and every product is created in-house with the highest quality ingredients by the owners of the company in Temecula, California. Our fermented products are cruelty-free, have NO artificial fragrances or colorants, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and are vegan, with the exception of beeswax in the night cream that is sourced from humanely raised bees.

What is the main purpose of your products?

Our mission is to bring your skin back to its most healthy and natural state so that it can function exactly the way it was intended to. This includes brightening, nourishing, reducing inflammation, and bringing balance to all of your skin’s vital natural processes like healing and repair, collagen and elastin production, and maintaining your skin’s natural barrier that protects against environmental factors. Both of our facial products can be worn during day and night, once or twice a day, alone or in combination with other products, and in the sun.

What makes these products different than other fermented cosmetics?

We utilize both the power of fermentation and a myriad of botanicals to provide the spectrum of phytonutrients your skin craves and deserves. Each of our products has a highlighted ingredient that is put through our 21-day Phytofermentation process and a 10-day infusion process to create a more bioavailable form that can be easily absorbed into the skin. These bioavailable metabolites are then put through a 10-day infusion process and put in combination with up to 27+ additional botanicals.

Are these products suitable for sensitive skin with the presence of essential oils?

Yes. We have specifically formulated our products to be suitable for all skin types and that includes sensitive skin. The essentials oils in our products are of the highest quality and vetted from reliable sources who test for impurities regularly. We have carefully crafted our products to deliver the powerful benefits of each ingredient without delivering the sensitivities. These products have been used by people who have hyperpigmentation, eczema, dry skin, and rosacea.

What does the Super Bioactive Face Serum do?

The main multi-correctional abilities of the serum are to nourish the skin, brighten, protect against environmental factors, bring equilibrium to the oil-water balance in the skin, and most importantly, target and calm irritation at the surface of the skin and in deeper levels. (suitable for all skin types) This can be used as a daily serum with or without a cream moisturizer or as a skin-saving boost when your skin is in need of a little extra love.

What does the Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream do?

The main multi-correctional abilities of the night cream are to target specific areas of concern and diminish them. This includes the instant effects of tightening up fine lines and wrinkles, reducing redness and inflammation, multi-level hydration, as well as long term use effects like reviving collagen and elastin production, strengthening your skin matrix to prevent sagging, targeting dark spots, and aiding in the healing process. (suitable for all skin types) This product can be used during the day or at night as it uses the natural derivative of Vitamin A from fermented carrots instead of retinol.

What does the PathoDefense Immune Boost do?

This is an essential oil roll-on that has 9 different botanicals known for their respiratory health, immune-boosting, and anti-microbial/anti-viral properties. This should be applied to your pressure points where it can be most easily absorbed, like your wrist, behind your ears, and the side of your neck. This can be used daily or whenever you’re looking for a little extra boost.